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28 Jul 15
There’s Now a Free iPhone App That Encrypts Calls and Texts

12 Dec 13
How to overhear a cell phone conversation

Cell phones can be used to eavesdrop on conversations in the user's vicinity. Its camera can be used to record a person's speech whereby a lip reader can review the video footage on what was said. So if a smartphone user uses the phone for banking, then her account could be hacked by identity thieves or hackers..

To secure their data, users have come up with creative ways to do it such as:

Unfortunately, these methods are cumbersome. For example, in the palm of the hand privacy method, if the user were carrying a bag, then she would have to let go of it before talking on the phone. Also, this method would not let her view her smartphone's display while trying to maintain data security.

Introducing the best smartphone security solution: Blackest Phone

The Blackest Phone is a foldable, pocket-sized, wireless telephonic interface that implements sophisticated encryption technology. Its enhanced sound blocking properties prevents hackers from overhearing the user's voice while she is talking on her phone. This device allows a person to have a secure communication with another party or with data cloud services, using voice.

We are actively developing Blackest Phone and will be launching it soon. Thank you.



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